Monday, June 13, 2011

Umbrella Programmes 1968 - 1974

Click on the link below to open the pdf file containing copies of the Umbrella club programme 1968 - 1974. You can either view the programmes or go into the menu and save the pdf file to your computer free. These programmes cover some of the time at !8, Queen Victoria Road and in 1974 at The Charterhouse.

The pdf file does not contain the full set of programmes for this period - only those I still have in my personal collection but it does give a good insight into the type of programme the club presented back then.

Some of the Coventry Arts Umbrella Programme sheets between 1968 - 1974 on pdf -  
 Download the PDF HERE via Google Docs. 

Tovers the wide range of events and activities of the Umbrella. However not all of the programmes are in this collection. You'll find more in Coventry Archives at the Herbert Museum in Cov. 

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