Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Citizen Advice Bureau and The Umbrella Club at 97, Little Park Street.

Coventry Citizens Advice Bureau shared the 97, Little Park Street, premises between 1955 and 1957 according to Mark Cook, who is working on a research project telling the story of 75 years of the Citizens Advice Bureau in Coventry. If you have any information or memories of the CAB and especially if you remember them at 97, Little Park Street, Coventry 1955 - 7, you can contact mark Cook at email history@coventrycab.org.uk or via their Facebook page -


Mark Cook wrote us thus -

I've just been reading your website about the Umbrella Club, fascinating stuff!
I’m running a history project for Coventry Citizens Advice Bureau, we’re celebrating 75 years of the bureau in 2015, and we occupied 97 Little Park Street from 1955-57, obviously at the same time as the Umbrella Club. I’ve tracked down Richard Sadler to talk to him and talk about his photos of the opening, but I’m also intrigued by the following comment taken from the website:

Recent Comment
This received from Jean Jennings (neé Gough) April 13, 2013 at 7:13 AM

"Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories of the Umbrella Club. I was a very keen member in the 50's, assisting Terry Watson with the secretarial jobs and publicity. I remember him bringing to the club the first electric typewriter - a scary monster. He was truly an inspired person and brought such enthusiasm to the club.

One problem that I have is with the given date of the inception of the club. I distinctly remember going there in 1953 - and it had been active a while before then. Can anybody confirm this?
Jean Jennings (neé Gough)

Mark Cook wrote -
"We have some dates and references to when we occupied the building, so happy to share these. I’m wondering if Jean has any memories of us sharing the building? Could you ask her if I can contact her?"

I don't have a direct cont for Jean but if Jean see this or if anyone can throw any light on an earlier occupation of 97, Little Park Street than the official opening of 1955, then please get in contact.

Meanwhile Mark Cook posted these two photos on their Facebook page. The latter is already on this site but i hadn't seen the photo with the Citizens Advice header on before - 

The Lord Mayor's car, a Humber Super Snipe MkIII, outside the CAB offices for the opening
of  The Umbrella Club.

The Goons opening the Umbrella Club 1955

Mark Cook on the BBC Coventry - Bob Brolly show talking about the CAB Project.

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