Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Coventry Film Production Unit 1960- Three Films.

On a recent visit back to Coventry I squeezed in a bit of time to visit the Coventry History centre with a view to look at their archives for the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club. Almost immediately I met Alan Von Wijgerden, a Coventry photographer and film maker.

Alan kindly referred me to three videos on his youtube. The films were made in 1960 by Coventry Film Production Unit which I understand were based at the Umbrella. If anyone can provide further information on these films or the production company, please get in contact or leave a comment.

The first film is called - A Visit to the Dentist

Alan says - ' A film made by Coventry Film Production Unit. black and white, circa 1960 and silent. The films were bought in Coventry Market as part of a box of old films. John Allibone seems to be one of the key players. If anyone has any information about him or the unit I'll be very interested.'

All's Fair in Love and War - 1960

Featuring - Zena Brandwick, Patricia Dalton, Peter Martin, with Eric Smith, June Sheffield, Martin Lovell. Photographed by John Archer Hall, assistant cameraman Martin Lovell, story and production Ken Pearson. Directed by John Allibone.

Alan says - "Another film from Coventry Film Production Unit. Circa 1960. Black and white and silent. If you have any info about the group I'd be very interested. It's a little melodrama about being careless with your loved one, something of an object lesson."

Symon Enry comments on the youtube page -
"F.Y.I At around 7.25 you see the couple walking down Daventry Road away from the Parade and they have a snog on the corner of Carthusian Road. Just thought I'd mention that to nobody that will ever read this or care."

Fighting Fit

"A comedy from Coventry Film Production Unit circa 1960 and black and white silent. Seems to feature some footage of Highfield Rd on match day. If anyone knows anything about the group I would be interested to hear."

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