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Sound bites from the Umbrella programmes 60's and 70's

These are just some random entries in various Umbrella programmes or news sheets joted down the other week while visiting Coventry History centre and looking their Umbrella archives.

Programme from 1950's.

Jazz, music, bridge, art and craft, drama.

Programme 1966

Folksinging - A group of folksingers led by Barry Skinner performing in the club on Monday evenings from January to July 1966.

Programme 1967

Jazz bands.

January 1967 - Folk Tuesday 26th January 8.30.At last live folk music in the club. Now's your chance to hear again those wonderful old songs you learnt on your Granny's knee - Arranged by Roy Mitchell.

Programme 1968

June 18th 1967 - Folk. Roy Mitchell Group.

Martin Nobel Group - Jazz

Exhibitions,Social - party, films, lectures, poetry readings, Arts Council tour, One act play, recital - 

The Voice of Pop - Terry Watson - explores the links between classical and popular music.

Programme 1970

Cliff Cowling Friday night music nights (jazz mainly) taken over by Al Docker, assisted by Trev Teasdel on the door. Cliff Cowling said he could not organise the Friday night band sessions anymore.

Bands - White Heat, Joy Hyman, Modern Jazz Symbols, Whistler, Rod Felton, Cliff Cowling, Children, Crystal Ship, Mick Green Blues Band, Nack ed en, Cat's Grave (Neol Davies band) and Mead - also Neol Davies band, Chris Jones Aggression.

April - Whistler - band practices.

May 1970 - Friday band night - Postcard.

June 1970 - Folk Club - Brian Rogers? and John Lave? Saturday nights. People from all over the Midlands come.

Friday July 1970 - Trad B Jefferson and April  and next session in July - Asgard played.

August 1970 - Steve Tayton and his Jazz quartet.

Fri August 14th Vic's Heavy Rock Jam Session. Organised by Al Docker and led by Neol Davies (later of Selecter). With many local musicians associated with the Umbrella.

Friday August 21st - April (a Contemporary folk outfit led by Ron Lawrence) and Tea and Symphony (Birmingham progressive band).

Bands wishing to play at the Umbrella should contact Al Docker.

New members included Tes Walker, Mick Cuttifoot, Lance Goodey, Sally Birch,Jenny Bowden, Doug Deakin, Pete Webb, Malvin Preece, John Scott, Jim Porter.  (Some of these were in the Umbrella before this time.Either renewed membership or formally joined - some of course were new)

September 1970 - Friday 18th - band night Ghost - (A Birmingham band) and Asgard.
Contemporary style.

Programme 1971

Heron played 19th October. London based group.

New Members 1971 included - Janice Coombs, Janice Gage, Rosemary Jones, Charles Bullen, Andrew Court, Nick Day. (Some had been to the Umbrella before formally joining.)

Secretary of the Programme committee - Lindy Watson -members of the committee - Esther Breakwell, Jim Ashwell, Maggie Heath, John Pinder, Gaynor Penton. Terry Watson treasurer. Barry Bowerman excutive committee.

Live music May 1971 - Tsar - Al Docker's band with Atom Disco - Al and Steve Varney. "A freaky night for anyone who wants to listen to some good sounds!"

Poetry and Folk April 1971 - Toadstool - John Brown acoustic band.

Don't Pick a Flower - John Leopold acoustic band. Poetry and folk, contemporary and own songs. May 1971.

18th May Roger Williamson - Poetry and Folk.

Programme 1972

Lanchester Polytech Arts Fest - Jan / Feb - Umbrella Poets 28th Jan / 4th Feb at the Colin Campbell

Liz Lovatt Poetry and Folk nights Sat 1st April 1972.

August / September 1973 - meeting at Tudor House. Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts Magazine co founded by Trev Teasdel and John Bo Bargent request use of the Umbrella's duplicator to produce an issue of Hobo magazine. (Bottom of this sheet.)

June 1972 - top item below - Humpoesic Happening convened by Trev Teasdel, experimental folk and poetry session.

Umbrella Poets at the Lanchester Arts Festival - Colin Campbell 1972

August programme 1971 - Vic's Heavy Rock Jam Session.

Programme sheet 1966

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