Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Photos from the Umbrella Club Archives

Called into the History Centre in Coventry recently while down in Coventry and these photos are posted with kind permission of the History Centre. Mostly from the late 50's or early 60's. If anyone can throw any light on these early photos, please comment.

Ron Morris Pottery 1960

Have received an email from Megan Walden (Roberts) regarding the above photo and the one below - 
 "The lady in the red dress who was a friend of mine at the time. Name, Valerie Jones, art teacher, talented artist and fabric designer. Would love to know where she is these days. Loved my days doing all sorts on the committee."

I think this is leading light Terry Watson - no idea who the lady is.

This is Jean Gough with Mr and Mrs Sutherland. It looks like Little Park street premises.

The Umbrella Club at Little Park Street 1950's-
Enroute to the Police Station.

In the 60's,the Umbrella apparently help Miss Umbrella heats - this is just one of the photos held in the Umbrella archives in the Coventry History Centre.

A young looking Terence Watson

In this photo - Geoffrey Sutherland,Arthur King, Norman Reader and poet John Hewitt.

Occasion of the Julian Orchestra at Little Park Street.

Harry Secombe at the opening of the Umbrella 1955
"Long Live the Umbrella"

A H Marshall - early President of the Umbrella 1957

Josie Heath - Club Member

Don Lindon - one of those instrumental in creating the Umbrella Club in 1955 and Chairman of Jazz.

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